About Us

Established on the 5th September 1988, Maibong Degree collage is one of the premier institution in the field of higher education in Dima Hasao District of Assam .The collage has been playing a very significant role of promoting higher education among the people of Maibang Sub-Division .Effective and relevant measures are being taken to cope up with a view to preparing the students to meet challenges of changing time. The collage has a total geographical area of 100 biogas of land.

The collage is well equipped with Administrative building, separate co Departmental common rooms, Astern type and two stoned building with digitalized class-rooms , digital Library, Boys & girls common rooms ,NCC and NSS offices, students’ union office and also a operate Botanical garden covering an area of 12 big has of land maintained by North Cashar Hills Autonomous Council among others. With the dedicated efforts & sacrifices of great personalities, a huge no’s of students with great personalities have come up with undergraduate degrees in arts.

Our Vision

Stands at the medieval Capital City of Dimasa Kingdom, Maibang Degree Collage have taken its vision to import higher education with great relevance to the society especially in arts stream. The collage has committed its vision to uphold and instill a very high sense of dedication and dercrpline in the miand of students and to ensure globally fit higher education by exporting qualitative and ethically story education.

Our Mission

Our mission is “the ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr”. With a view to internalize the mission, the prime goal of the collage is to educate students from all walks of life specially the poor and the backward tribal youths so that they become enlightened and empowered with all potentialities with a sense of self-respect along with a competent towards the self, the society and the nation. Our main endearour is to uplift the collage as an ideal institution for teaching, learning, research and extension activities. Another mission of the collage is to equip students with creativity and innovation to make effective contribution to the locality, the region, the nation and the economy with social skills.

The core Team

Along with twenty dedicated academic here the respective Management Team of our College


President, GB

Mr. Dibyjyoti Hazarika



Vice Principal